PES 2020 Review: Dangerous game of ever

PES 2020 Review: The Bad  Pro Evo Ever with the Worst Problems


PES 2020 Review: Dangerous game of ever.  The PES is a football simulation video game, developed by the world famous PES Productions and by konami (tokyo, japan). The world sees it on September 10, the 19th installment of Pro evolution soccer. What makes it so attractive is that one or more people can play the game online simultaneously using Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, iOS and Android platforms. It has a very nice interface, precisely learned and reviewed user experience design that makes it different from other video games.


First of all ... this post is not to criticize or criticize those who play pes. Rather, it is based on the creation of a self awareness ...

Basically this game is a virtual game and a player, like all the other games, with a few computer engineers sitting around and writing code. It should look like a normal game that is used to make some boring or refreshing minds. Going beyond that is not good. Virtual does not mean that it has nothing to do with reality. Then it would be a mistake to take this in the spirit and passion of the real football game. I don't know if you've noticed, this game was designed to keep people on their network for a long term and to be a toy for company profits. If not, they are more than a profit and our mental health is not a concern.


Frequently playing pes has a good chance of leading to game addiction and dependence on posttraumatic mental disorder. You may have seen the company pay attention week by week to reinforcing and conditioning our use by offering attractive frequent rewards. Especially once the Daily Login rewards Atelist is open but every day it tends to be open. And then simulating Pliers, which are categorized into multiple categories (Legend, Featured, Black, Gold .. Etc), in a way that keeps all users up. One thing to remember is that they are all just digital constructs that manipulate pes productions. They have nothing to do with real players (except their names and faces), except that the computer is the messenger of the present, and the real messi has some abilities, and I don't know if this simulator is capable of messaging, but rather how the program performs. In my opinion, the basic coding for all players is basically the same coding, and then you realize that we are just playing around with each number and category (or how a player with a rating of 99 looks like a player with a rating of 75). Then a few YouTubers to explain this (trick and bug show). Have any of them shown anything with coding level data? Except that everything says their Experience. The rabbit who got his shit on it?


Bro .... irritability when you don't play pes (which can be a bit annoying when you get a call), the rush to play always (especially when sitting alone), extra thought about it Otherwise, if something similar, such as emotional deviations, should be noted, these are the short term symptoms of ICD 11 (International Classification of Diseases), a newly added game disorder. You may not be okay with it now, but it will slowly start to eat away at your life, and may lead to problems in family and social life. (Especially caregivers of students can be spoiled)

There are some changes in our brain when we are constantly playing. Changes in fewer brain areas, such as the Reward Center or Reward Pathway, lead to Vulnerabilities such as Gambling and Drug Dependence. These are the same brain areas that are stimulated while playing video games daily. So the consequences of these overpes can be very brief.

Does this mean that video games are of no use? Playing a psychological benefit video game, such as reducing reaction time (the ability to quickly respond to the stimulus around us), and the ability to make a decision in a short amount of time.

In nutshell: Don't look at pes as an event. Just use for refresh. Don't waste the precious time on it and kill the youth. We take care of our mental health. Be careful not to distort it for the benefit of others, or become a toy for others.

The excess is also poisonous.

Good luck.
Best of luck
Naseem Meeran
M.Sc Cognitive Science (CBCS)
University of Allahabad


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